Scrambled Tofu

Scrambled Tofu


1 pack of fermentet tofu or normal
red rice (or any other rice, or none)
1 avocado
sundried tomato


Place the tofu in a food-processor with 4 ss of nutritional yeast, cumin, black Himalaya salt, smoky salt, pepper, turmeric and a splash of olive oil.
Puls until you have a nice scramble.

Heat olive oil in a frying pan.
Add kale and fry for a few minutes.
Add pre boiled red rice and fry for a few more minutes before you add the tofu scramble.
Fry until well heated, then add some fresh rosemary, avocado and sundried tomatoes.
Salt & Pepper for taste.

This dish invites your creativity to explore different ingredients into the tofu mix.
You can fry it alone or mix in what ever you have of leftovers or vegies that is reaching its time out in the fridge.
It is very suitable in tortillas and tacos as well.

Don`t be shy, jump right in, be creative and explore the joy of your taste.
Let`Go wild in the kitchen.