Pisces Full Moon & Fall Equinox

Pisces Full Moon 20 sept &
Fall Equinox 22 sept

Pisces is our inner Mystic, and its home is called “Moksha” the liberational force of Enlightenment.
Pisces is a water sign, so soaking yourself in water during this Full Moon can help clearing away any outgrown pattern and energies.
Maybe your intuition will heighten, and you will receive insights and guidance form the spirit world. Listen carefully.

Todays Full Moon is accompanied by the Fall Equinox. I love these times of year when day and night are in equilibrium. Surrendering to the great balance in everything. The sacred source of One, where all life emanates and returns. The whole of Nature is vibrating in the energy of balance now. During an equinox it will be easier to access this state of being in our meditation and stillness.

With Love & Full Moon Equinox blessings
Ma Evina