3 roasted red pepper (or jarred)
2 garlic cloves
2 dl walnuts
2 ts hot red pepper paste or chili flakes
2 tbsp pomegranate sirup
2 dl breadcrumbs
½ dl olive oil
1 ts Himalayasalt
1 ts cumin
¼ ts clove

If you do not find pomegranate sirup you can make your own by boiling 4 dl of pomegranate juice and 3 dl of brown sugar until it becomes a sirup.
(You can also replace the sirup with a mix of lemon juice and maple sirup)

Turn on the oven 250 C and roast the red peppers on a baking tray for 20 min.
Once completely cool down, remove the skin and place in a food processor with all other ingredients and mix until a smooth dip.
Depending on how much liquid was in the roasted peppers, if the dip is still very thick, add a more olive oil. If mixture is too runny, add more breadcrumbs until it becomes a nice texture.
Taste for seasoning.
Transferee to a serving dish and drizzle some olive oil or pomegranate sirup and walnuts.

Muhammara is a hearty walnut and roasted red pepper dip. The word muhammara is from the Arabic word ahmar, which literally means red. It is easy to make and delicious to serve in addition to any meal and gives a beautiful color and warmth to your table.

First tast it with your eyes closed!