Sublime Healing

Spiritual Energywork & Personal Counselling

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Villa Esencia while you allow yourself to take a deep exhale and pause from daily life, and receive a Sublime Healing.

Marianne Evina will hold and provide a safe space for you to let-go, open and receive the new. Gently guide you on your healing journey. Lovingly encourage you to relax into stillness, behind and past your thinking mind and psychological narrative and find rest and peace on a deeper level. To release and find trust in your life prosess.

New Golden Age Consciousness of Peace,
Love & Harmony

We stand together in front of a future of great uncertainties and big changes in the world. As we as humans emerges into a new consciousness. Marianne is here to support you on your healing journey & spiritual awakening, hold space for your inner growth and transformation. When it seems no way out, there is, and that dwells deeper inside of us. A inner realization that opens our being and invites us to be intimate with our essential nature, the source of infinite love, the space of surrender where true peace resides.

Marianne has been walking on the Path of Light and self-realization for more than 35 years. A longing for wholeness arose early in her life and took her on a journey of self-discovery towards inner peace from a very young age. She is born as a clear intuitive channel. Over the years this clarity has grown deep roots into Gaia, Mother Earth and the feminine energy & wisdom. She is delighted to offer this gift to serve in Love. Working as she walks on this sacred Earth as a guiding light and intuitive healer.

Marianne Evina has practiced different healing modalities for more than three decades. Her insight, wisdom and understanding is profound and unique. After a pause in her work that lasted for a seven-year cycle, she went through a deep personal transformation that lead to big changes in her life. She is delighted and honored to offer her new Sublime Healing work & personal counseling. Sublime Healing is working deeply with all your energies, emotions and mentally on several levels and dimensions. Gently supporting your whole system to release what no longer is needed to open for new earth divine energies to stream in as we all are preparing for the unborn and unknown to come.

We are the once we have been waiting for. The new divine human being.

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Love always,
Ma Evina   


The session takes place in person in Villa Esencia, Andalucia, Spain.
A two hours immersion, 178 euro.
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For online session, please request by e-mai

Language: English and Norwegian

We came to Heal.
To become whole human Beings and find Peace in our wounds.
We came to Love.
To learn who we truly are in essence and live tenderly from an open Heart.
Enter your inner landscape and listen to your Soul.

Ma Evina